Fresh Boiled Birdnest 100ML

RM 210.00

Mother's Day Exclusive 

Delivery available on 13th & 14th May 2023 only

Gift set includes 6 bottles of freshly boiled birdnest.

You may select among six flavours of your choice. 

Available in 6 flavour :




-Black Goji 

-Jujube & longan


Each bottle come with an organic cane syrup sachet.

You may DIY your sweetness ideally.  

Kindly write down the six flavour of your choice 
at the remark column during checkout

Our gift sets are suitable for:

  • Staff appreciation gifts
  • Gifts for pregnant mummies/babies
  • Gift for friends
  • Gift for families/elderlies
  • Wedding gifts

Each 100ml bottles contain 3 grams of dry birdnest, of which 20% is water and 80% birdnest. To keep its maximum freshness, it has to be kept in the refrigerator. It can last for 15 days if kept chilled.

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